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LaSalle County Transfer

Expanding your market Reach

LaSalle County Transfer is a privately owned rail yard specializing in transloading, storage, cleaning, handling and switching of railcars for users in the energy and material industries.

Established in 2014, LCT provides material transfer for energy and material industry users shipping to customers on the Union Pacific Railroad. LCT offers loading/unloading options with truck to rail or rail to truck services. The rail yard has over 9,000 feet of working rail capacity for transloading and railcar storage conveniently located on the Union Pacific Railroad. We offer bulk dry material storage in our four- one thousand ton storage silos as well as outside flat storage and inside cold storage.

LCT can assist you in customizing your material transload needs to expand you market reach. Get your product to market with LaSalle County Transfer. Contact us today.

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